Sam Griffin

Evan is a tremendously talented maker. I'm repeatedly blown away by the quality and character of the new guitar he's built me. It has tremendous depth and richness of tone, it's easy to play, and I'm able to get everything I could ever want out of its dynamic range. Before I received the instrument, I was skeptical (as anyone making such a personal and impactful purchase should be) but the guitar delivered on every level that I hoped it would. Evan, as a person, is an absolute joy to work with. He's kind, communicative, open, and professional. If you're considering investing in a Kingma guitar, I implore you to pull the trigger. You will not be disappointed in the guitar he builds you.

John Kyriou

Having spent a month in a guitar workshop under Evan Kingma’s supervision, I came to appreciate his love, knowledge, and handling of the wood with which he works, as well as his obsessive attention to detail in his approach to guitar-making, qualities which are clearly evident in his finished guitars. I didn’t need another guitar, but having held and played ‘Earth’ a beautiful cedar classical, I had to buy it! It has a wonderful rounded and balanced tonal quality, excellent volume, and beautiful workmanship. I just love holding and playing this guitar whether I am alone or playing to an audience!!

David Amron M.D.

Here's a video testimonial from Dr. Amron, owner of my guitar, 'Emptiness', a classical guitar in Spruce and Purpleheart.

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