Another classical guitar made in the traditional Spanish style.

I made a series of five guitars based on “The Book of Five Rings”,  a text on kenjutsu written by legendary swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi, with one guitar made for each chapter: Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Emptiness. This is is the fifth guitar in the series.

'Vortex' rosette inspired by the philosophy of clearing your mind until only you and another object (in the case of The Book of Five Rings, the enemy) remain, to achieve true focus.

"In the Void is virtue, and no evil. Wisdom exists, principle exists, the Way exists. Spirit is Void." - The Book of Five Rings

The top is European Spruce, and the back and sides are Purple Heart. 

This guitar was sold through The Twelfth Fret in Toronto, Canada.

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