stephen hill model 2 guitars

I am lucky enough to have the privilege of being Master Luthier Stephen Hill’s apprentice. Stephen has taught over 200 people through the European Institute of Guitar Making, but only a handful have trained under him as his apprentice. Brilliant guitar makers such as Rohan Lowe, Pablo Requena, Stephen Eden, and Graham Emes are just a few of the talented individuals that have trained with Stephen. It’s a great honour to follow in their footsteps by learning from someone who not only makes amazing guitars, but who also makes amazing guitar makers.

Like those who have come before me, I had the joy to work with Stephen on his Model 2 guitars. These guitars are built under Stephen’s complete direction and with high quality materials, resulting in beautiful, top-level instruments, but at a more affordable price. I worked on these guitars during the first four years of my apprenticeship with Stephen and built over fifteen of them in that time; more than any of his past apprentices.

I’m now working with Stephen on his top line “Master model”, while Alessandro Perciaccante continues work on the Model 2.

Here you can see some of the Model 2 guitars that I helped Stephen put together.

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