I’ve always been in love with the guitar. One of my earliest memories is being too small to properly hold my father’s Fender Mustang, but still strumming the open strings; amazed at the sound it made.

In 2015, at the age of 19, I went to Spain to take a one month guitar making course with Master Luthier, Stephen Hill, at The European Institute of Guitar Making. I had practically no woodworking experience, but Stephen was able to teach me the techniques and how to use all the hand tools effectively. I very quickly fell in love.  Two weeks into my one month and I had already started trying to figure out how I was going to stay longer.

I was able to convince Stephen to let me stay and build a second guitar, turning my one month into three. 

Now I've gone back Spain, as Stephen’s apprentice, and among other work, I also work on his Model 2 guitars. I’m still quite early in my days as a guitar maker, but I’m already making great instruments and every day it gets better and more exciting!

As a builder, I'm interested in non-traditional design for classical and flamenco guitars. If you look at most of the heads on my guitars you will get an idea of what I mean, as they are almost all asymmetrical. I also use a lot of bright colours and different woods you wouldn't normally see on a Spanish guitar. And while rosewoods are great woods for the back and sides, I believe most woods can be great if the guitar maker understands the wood's specific characteristics. Additionally, I try to push to use sustainable and alternative material rather than endangered and protected woods. I aim to make every guitar sound incredible and be visually unique and beautiful; and when building for a specific client, I design the guitar just for them, based on their own personality and passions.

- evan kingma

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